Anyone else shredding their hand on the H&S cup?

Just got the Hot & Savoury and I am definitely #teamthaigreencurry :+1:

However, when I wash my cup using a sponge scourer and I go to clean the inside of the cup, I usually end up scratching my hand on the thread on the inside of the cup.

As the thread for the lid doesn’t go round 360 degrees (probably so that any pressure changes don’t have any negative effects on opening the lid), there are sections where the thread is gone and its where it comes back that it can catch.

I’ve not got massive hands by any stretch of the imagination, and even though every time I wash it, I know to be careful, I usually get one knick off of one of the threads.

Definitely won’t deter me though! “Rant” over… :slight_smile:

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I haven’t scratched my hand but when I first washed it I didnt notice the 360° thing so filled it with some warm water and detergent put the lid on and gave it a good shake - sprayed everywhere :rofl:


I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t done the same! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

No I can’t say I have noticed that about the thread and have not scratched myself, so far.

Nope, I use one of these:


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it doesnt work when you shake it a little bit

it spills

I just noticed this and yes, if using a sponge you absolutely will feel it, i haven’t noticed this on some other screw tops like my brevile blender, the thread needs to be made bigger/wider I think

I think it needs to leak a little bit, by design. If you put boiling water into an airtight container it creates a lot of pressure. The leak lets the air slowly escape instead of bursting out when you open the lid.


I feel like a simple solution to that is having a vent at on the lid, the cup is a one time thing for the most part so a few extra pence in manufacturing wouldn’t make much difference.

Seriously why not just use a washing up brush instead of a sponge? We do not need the assistance of Wernher Von Braun here…

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Some people use a sponge? The feedback is more aimed at the product not the washing method

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I just fingered my pot and yep, it does feel a bit cheap and nasty inside the rim. But it’s the first time my fingers have touched it since getting it, weeks ago. Not sure it’s a problem, really.

Guys, firstly please stop shaking your Pots! You need to shake (or stir) the pouch not the Pot! It’s not a Huel Shaker!

Thanks for the comment, I honestly hadn’t experienced the sharpness you mention, it’s quite a thick piece of plastic on the thread. Is this just in certain places, or the whole way round? We can look into improving though, so thanks for mentioning!

this was a cleaning malfunction not a cooking one :rofl:

I swear I saw something in the official bumpf that came with it, that said to make it easier to clean you should put water in it and shake it. And people will naturally use hot water. Did I see that or imagine it? Maybe it was a post on here.

On mine, it’s at each end of the thread. The threads don’t go all the way around, or the pot would become airtight and a boiling water bomb waiting to go off.


clever aren you

It’s a cool thing. I’ve got one of those insulated flasks with a button on the lid so you can drink without taking the cap off. But the mechanism makes it harder to clean if it’s had coffee or Huel in it. It gets all gummed up.

So every few weeks I fill it with soapy boiling water and shake it up. The pressure builds up and when I press the button, it BLASTS boiling water and gunk everywhere. It’s a powerful weapon I must use with care.

Physics is the bomb, man.


@David with great power comes great responsibility!

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I had to go and investigate the thread in question, the pot thread, not this thread, and yes, it is rather sharp on the ends. I must obviously be a careful washer upper

giphy washing up