Huel Hot & Savoury Cup Warping

Today is my second day having the tomato and herb Hot & Savoury and I’m really happy with it. It tastes great, although i don’t think i added enough water as it was a bit stodgy.

My one complaint, is that the cup says dishwasher safe on the bottom, but when i pulled it out of the dishwasher this morning the plastic has warped. This made it difficult to put the lid on when making my lunch today. I had my dishwasher on the eco setting so i don’t think it would be due to excessive heat.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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At what temp?

50 Celsius, my dishwasher goes up to 70 Celsius.

Well that is weird, contact the Huel team

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TBH after it sat in my bag all day with the lid on the warp sorted its self out. I’ll see if it becomes a continuing annoyance before contacting them.

This post was more of a “has anyone else experienced this” and if so, so that Huel could sort it out before getting lots of complaints.

It is more than likely the pressure of the steam with the lid closed that is causing warping which is worrying. I am considering mixing in my insualted food flask so I can safely hold it after adding boiling water and use it at work (in a clinical area, as per policy).