Huel Hot and Savory Pot is Dangerous

The Huel Pot’s lid (that comes with the Hot and Savory) blew off from the pressure of the steam and scalded my hand. This genuinely burnt the shit out of my hand.

For what its worth, I read the instructions and put the exact amount of water recommended using a scale.

I’ve never had an issue like that. But after adding the boiling water I’d give it a good long stir which must cool it a little, then screw the top on and just leave it be, don’t shake it up. Have had no blow-offs. Hope your hand is getting better.

I’ve not had that type of blow off with huel.

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Calling utter BS on that – physically impossible for a couple of hundred mill of boiled water mixed with cold ingredients and in a constant state of cooling to generate enough steam to fill the remaining cold air space to maximum pressure, scold your hands severely and blow the cap off. Only possible scenario that would happen is of you didn’t follow the instructions and microwaved it to heat it with the cap screwed tight shut and allowed pressure to build up that way. RTFM.


Really sorry to hear this, and above all hope you’re okay!

Could I ask how you prepared your Hot & Savoury? Did you add boiling water and stir? Did you put the lid on immediately? Or alternatively, did you put it in the microwave?

More than happy to chat via private message rather than a public thread if you’d prefer.

You’re right. I lied. Is that what you wanted to hear? Simple fact of the matter is, I did what was said on the instructions and the lid blew off. It made an audible pop noise and burnt my hand.

PS: I dont even own a microwave

I have an electric kettle. I let the water get to boiling, then poured into the pot using a scale for accuracy. I stirred the contents for about 10-15 seconds then placed the lid on. I set the pot on my counter and before I could pull my hand away the lid blew off. This was probably my 5th time using it. I don’t have any further explanation, that is what happened. The lid blew off with enough force to make an audible POP. As I stated on my previous post in response to with Phil_C running to huel’s defense so quickly to call me a liar, I dont own a microwave.

Thanks for the explanation, really appreciate it! I’m of course going to raise this with the relevant team, and will drop you a message for order details so that I can accurately log this.

Due to built up pressure, we of course don’t recommend screwing on the lid when microwaving but I’m aware that this is not the way you prepared it and so I’m shocked that this has happened.

No problem ill look for the messages. For what its worth I am not severely injured. If I was this wouldnt be a forum post. It did burn me enough to leave blisters on the webbing of my fingers. My best guess as to what happened is a defective lid or something… I dont really know, but I will chat with your team when I am able to.

Hey kurtis, you say you ‘placed’ the lid on. Did you just place it on, or push it on, or screw it on? Hard to imagine it could have popped off if it was screwed on… but ‘placed’ on, sounds possible.

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Surely if it was placed on that wouldn’t happen. It would just allow the heat to seep out and no danger of scalding.

I think what the OP did was screw the lid on, shake the pot vigorously and then poured it over his hands.


I honestly can’t imagine how this could physically happen unless they shook the pot. I don’t understand how it could be unmoving on the counter and the lid to pop off followed by the huel to fly out onto their hand??

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I’ve made 100s of hot Huel meals in a variety of containers and and nothing like this has happened. You put the solid in, add the water, stir and then add the lid. By the time the lid is put on its cooled quite considerably. I think the OP should do it again and film it for Jeremy Beadle. I’d give him 25£

Maybe that’s why Jeremy B had one smaller hand…Huel heat damage.

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Just wow Phil_C and hunzas.

Shouldn’t that be…



I agree, it would need pressure. or agitation.

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I appreciate everyone has their own experiences of Hot & Savoury and while this might not have happened to everyone, we have a duty to believe someone when they say it has happened to them.

Gentle reminder than “respecting each other” and “avoiding knee-jerk contradictions” form part of the forum’s rules. We need to help people with negative situations in a supportive and collaborative way.


Poor old Beadle is no longer about!

Next time you burn yourself, run cold water over the affected area for ten minutes. It takes a long time to cool the deeper layers of your skin.


I completely believe the OP.
I’ve just tried to make the Mac & Cheese, outed the water on and left if for 5 minutes and when I came back to it I was dead and my house had burned down.


I think I know what happened OP here, as I’ve been using my savoury pot this week. I notice if you shake it - even gently to give the insides ‘a stir’ - it can cause a pressure build up. I actually mix with a spoon mine after adding the boiling water too, so it’s not necessarily needed to be shaken but I did this last week and felt a bit of a water hiss out of the seem when it was screwed tight. I think it’s key, and maybe Huel should add, that it’s left on a flat steady surface for the 5 minutes. Or at least just away from hands.

I wouldn’t say it’s a design flaw though, more just physics and something to be aware of when dealing with boiling water. I’m quite glad that it has the screw top so I could have my scoops ready and take it to work, then just add water without worrying about it popping off etc in my backpack on the way in.