Anyone use Vivo Life?

Just wondering if anyone uses Vivo Life products alongside Hule and what they thought of them.
I use nearly all there products
Thrive vitamin powder in the morning with matcha for my morning drink.
I put a 5g spoon of Maca on my porridge for breakfast.
Perform protein shake for my drink at work with Matcha.
500cals of Huel for lunch with a 5g spoon of Maca.
Perform protein shake in the afternoon
Nuts, seeds and fruit for snacks throughout the day followed by a healthy dinner in the evening.

I’m not Vegan, but I like Huel and all the products from Vivo Life are vegan and organic.

I feel great on this lot despite getting up for work at 3am and having a 6 month old baby

well this does look very interesting, thanks for making me aware of this product :slight_smile:

They are quite expensive for the amount you get. But then again you get what you pay for right?

I often use matcha, maca, spirulina and baobab (not that brand tho).

All excellent products well worth the money, I started using the perform protein at the start of the year, I feel a million times better than when I used whey protein. Just started using there other products recently and they are all top quality

what are your thoughts on combining sustain with creatine for during a workout?