Anyone want 2 packs of Huel?

Does anyone want me to send them my Huel package to them for £35 because it tastes awful😂

Hey Danilo, so sorry to hear that you haven’t enjoyed the taste of Huel. What sort of Huel do you have and how did you make it?

We’ve got loads of great ways to mix it up!

How to adjust the flavour

  • Add a Flavour Boost - we have our own range at with flavours like Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and many more
  • Blending with frozen berries or banana is a Hueler favourite
  • Spice it up with flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, etc.#
  • Using a blender will make a smoother Huel
  • Leave in the fridge overnight for an improved texture
  • Try milk instead of water to make a super creamy Huel

It’s not as simple as just trying one version of Huel! Huel is like coffee, everyone likes it differently, so be sure to experiment.

I’ve tried different combinations all day! It all tastes horrible sorry😂 I think I’ll eat chicken and salad instead and enjoy what I eat😄

Oh wow, I thought it tastes disgusting only for me — tried vanilla and coffee and can’t drink it all. I’ve got two opened packs too. Also can send them.

Therein may lie your problem: from many anecdotal accounts on the forum, many Huel users have found that it takes at least a couple of days, and the progression usually goes like this

hate the taste/texture of Huel —> ehh it’s actually ok! —> wow I’m really enjoying this

I know I hated it at the start, and now I love it. I think it’s probably some sort of sorcery.

But not stopping you from selling it hahaha there are probably plenty of people who will take you up on it :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing for six days now and it’s grown on me immensely. Never hated it - just thought it was a bit odd - but I find myself really liking it now!

I’m not a big fan of the berry but we’ll see… early days!

I loved it from day one! Maybe I’m just weird? :wink: