Apple Health and scales

This isn’t directly related to Huel, but it is to weight loss…

Does anyone have any suggestions as to a decent set of scales that will seamlessly sync with Apple Health? Ideally, I’d like weight and body fat percentage to be recorded.

Thanks in advance.

Hi - for the blend of cost vs accuracy - Eufy are generally regarded as being very good - I have this model also - easy to setup and the Eufy life app syncs with Apple Health fine.

I went with these:
Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Digital Bathroom Scales iOS Android app Wireless Body Composition Monitor for Body Weight Body Fat, BMI, Water, Muscle Mass B

You’ll get something like this from their app:

Thanks for this, guys. It’s nice to get some real world recommendations. Every review on Amazon is either five star or one star!

used these for 1-2 years now, syncs to apple health flawlessly inc the body fat and a few other metrics £22. Syncs to Fitbit app too and google health app.

still never changed the battery on them yet.