New user of Huel hoping it will help with weight loss

Good afternon everyone,

I have just recieved tmy first Huel order and I will be starting to replace most (if not all next week) meals as an aid to lose weight and eat better.

As of today I dont even know my current weight as the scales I own max out at 25 stone / 150kg !! and the needle keeps going. I wont make any excuses as to my extreme weight gain, it’s a combination of health issues and being bone idle.

Just wanted to “publically” announce my attempt in the hope it gives me the extra push.

Wish me luck (I am going to need it)



Hello Brian - Eufy smart scales are pretty inexpensive and accurately measure up to 180kg they also have a great app that syncs in with apple or android health apps. Garmin also offer a similar product - the Index S2 Smart Scale but this is two to three times the price of the Eufy.

If I were you I would consider easing yourself into it and not try to go 100% Huel right off the bat. start with one or two meals replaced a day and see how it goes with you.

lots of great advice and articles here too for weight loss in the Guides & Articles section,


This is pretty sound advice. Let me also throw Renpho scales into the mix. Not very expensive and you can also purchase a digital body tape measure which works off the same app. Also gives you all details straight to your phone.

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Hey Brian, welcome to the forum, great o have you hear using Huel! You’ve got this!

I would echo Phil’s advice, go easy on swapping so much with Huel straight away, we’ve seen it a lot before and it’s just quite a big change for your body and mind and won’t set you up for success. I appreciate the want to tackle this head on and go for it! But having some Huel and some healthy meals I really think help you build a healthy lifestyle you maintain for a lifetime, not just a few months.

Thanks for the advice and the welcome, I have replaced 2 meals with Huel and having a small meal in the evening, feeling “run-down” at the moment but I expected it with the change in diet. Looking forward to a healthier life :smiley:

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Also on the weight loss track, though with not as much to lose.
I wasn’t able to replace all my meals with Huel, and that’s mostly for social reasons. It did knock out malnutrition, however. My body about leaped for joy at getting all the nutrients it wasn’t getting from my mediocre cooking skills. Haven’t lost weight per se but I have a better balance of muscle to fat, plus I have energy I didn’t have before, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

I’d also advise to check your intake is enough. I appreciate wanting to be in a calorie deficit, but it should be a healthy one. I’d recommend trying a TDEE calculator. Otherwise you might end up too run down and the healthy change might not last.

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