Weight lose but body fat % up!

Using 90% huel for a week now, 10% calories from fruit. I’ve lost 9lbs in weight but my body fat % has increased by 3%…really confused by this as I’ve maintained activity levels.

How are you measuring body fat, what’s it coming out as, and how much do you weigh?

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Fat measured by electrical resistance is not that accurate. It’s affected by how hydrated you are etc. You have probably lost water and a little fat.

Using a FitBit scales. I was 280lb now 271lb, was 35% body fat now at 38% and I’m 6ft 4". I’ve been keeping well hydrated and maintained normal activity levels. 15k steps per day, FitBit surge says I burn 4500 cals per day so been consuming 3500cals. Cheers.

A week isn’t long enough for any change to occur, anyone who tells you you’ve immediately lost 9lbs fat in one week is wrong.

As above, you’ve lost a bit of water weight and likely a tiny amount of fat.

Stick at it for at least a month with weight measurements every morning at the same time for an accurate reading. Ignore the bodyfat readings from scales, they’re almost always out by a fair bit.

Also, be wary of how many calories are in some fruit, surprising amounts of sugar in some!

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There’s going to be effects from your glycogen becoming depleted and water weight coming down as a result, it’s not really affected by how much water you drink


No, your body fat has not increased by 3 percent in a week. Those scales are not accurate.

That said, while on a calorie deficit you should do some strength training, at least twice a week, to maintain muscle mass and make sure that most of the weight you lose is fat.

I use fitbit scales a swell and they are pretty consistent although show slightly higher body fat than a proper machine. If you do lose a bit of lean mass but the same body fat then your percentage body fat will go up as you weight less overall. You should be able to see on the fitbit app how much body fat and lean mass there is so you might find body fat hasn’t gone up but stayed the same or reduced slightly.

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I would say it’s almost impossible to increase your body fat by 3% in the space of a week. Considering most humans are between 10-35% body fat, that would be a relatively large increase in body composition, especially when you say you’ve also lost weight.

I’d be willing to bet your scales are not measuring body fat accurately.