Are flaxseeds really ok for men?

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Interesting article here. Bottom line: Fluctuations in testosterone levels within the normal range doesn’t really mean very much for body composition.


I’m really not worried about flax seeds and T levels. You’re much better off focusing your attention on eating well, sleeping enough, not drinking alcohol too often and working out as much as you practically can.

Flax is going to do you way more good than harm but you’ve got to take responsibility for the rest of your lifestyle.


This! :point_up_2:

Couldn’t have said it better myself, I’m actually writing an article on how to potentially preserve testosterone levels, and what you’ve mentioned is spot on!


I’m definitely interested in reading what you have to say on it. Keep us posted.

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Totally agree, couldn’t have said it better myself! :slight_smile:

Although there is a connection between testosterone and sperm counts, I assure you, however much of that is down to the pathology behind the why the testosterone is low on that person, varicoceles for example will negativeity effect both testosterone and sperm count, as will things like pituitary issues such as a prolactinoma.

Hi guys. Decided to post after a few months on and off on Huel. Here’s my experience:

When on Huel:

  • Getting fat faster
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Decreased testicule size
  • Slower muscle gains

When getting off Huel:

  • Faster muscle gains
  • Leaner gains
  • Sex drive and testicule size increases in about 2 weeks

Since I don’t believe fat makes you fat, I think that I’m getting a beer belly when on Huel because of the decreased DHT. DHT is a blocker of estrogen so my estrogens might increase and give me more belly fat as a result.

I gotta add that when I started Huel again, my sex drive decreased very quickly, in about 4-5 days with 1200 calories of Huel a day.

Also, I want to share these links with you guys, on which you can see one guy relating his experience with flax seeds, and another quoting a study about flax seeds and DHT.

I’m starting to think very seriously that the amount of flax seeds is having bad effects on us men. My own experience shows that and I’m not alone. Decreased DHT is cool if you’re getting bald but if you’re not, and at only 26 myself and trying to build muscle, I don’t it’s a good thing.

I’m probably gonna switch to, it’s more expansive but they don’t have any overly estrogenic food in it. @JamesCollier I think you should consider very seriously to come up with a formula that does not contain that many phytoestrogens. It’s really a shame that I have to give up on such an amazing product.

Hi @lucasht

if you’re getting fat faster, you’re eating too many calories; it’s as simple as that.

I’m cautious of anecdotal evidence as it doesn’t look at the whole picture. I could tell you that I’m making more lean gains and losing body fat at the moment whilst including a good amount of Huel in my diet - which is factually correct - but I’d expect you to challenge me on this statement as I have bias.

There is no issue with phytoestorgens in Huel - period. We have an article comign very soon (which I’m ware I promised weeks ago and it’s still not materialised - posts like this demonstrate I need to pull my finger out. The article will demonstrate why.


I think there’s some truth in this. Buster Gonad from Viz never drinks Huel and he has to carry his bollocks around in a wheelbarrow.


Whilst everybody is different to some extent I think you are the first person I have ever read on this forum who has said Huel makes them get fat quicker. Also the product you have said you are going to switch to is not nutritionally complete and contains only 4-6 of the 26 vitamins and minerals, so you are not comparing like for like products. Ample also contains a huge amount of saturated fat per portion.

Saturated fat is very healthy as recent studies shows. I hear that it might just be a increase in calories. But what about the other things that I pointed out? I know it’s anecdotal, but I’ve been on and off enough times to notice a pattern.

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Have a read. You’re welcome. :joy:

This is bizarre.

For fat gain, I haven’t noticed that once in three years. I can pretty reliably cut to 12% bodyfat on Huel and then during bulk season slide up to 18%, rinse and repeat. I’ve never felt like Huel inhibits my cuts, it just aids them.

Sex drive, again, not noticed anything bad here. It seems to depend more on my calorie intake than anything. During bulks I’m rabid, during cuts I’m a little less enthusiastic.

Can’t say I’ve noticed any size change in my testicles, but this isn’t necessarily something I habitually check when I try new food products.

Muscle gains, again, are consistent and reliable with Huel as long as I inflict sufficient progressive overload on them. I’ve never measured how “lean” the gains are, just how much stronger I feel in my sets and adjusting calories appropriately.


You surprise me! :smile:


And for years experts have warned against too much saturated fat. The official UK guideline for men is 30g a day and Ample would blast that if I consumed it like I do Huel. Ample is also not nutritionally complete. It contains between 4 or 6 essential vits and mins (depending on which you buy) so it is not a “meal replacement”.

Regarding the other things, all I can say is I have been using Huel for around 3 years now and I have not experienced any of these. I have also lost over 7kg in the last 2 months or so and 14kg in the last year or so and Huel has only helped achieve this. I can’t comment on testicle size though as I don’t think I’ve ever measured them.


I just checked my testicles; I’ve been regularly drinking Huel since March 2016, and I’m amazed…I now have 3 of them. That’s “ample”.


The Middle one ISNT a testicle, Hunzas !!!


LOL…Oh yeah.