Are flaxseeds really ok for men?


LOL…Oh yeah.


I hate you. :expressionless:

Obvs the Flax which has done that… :wink:


”Very soon” can obviously mean a lot of things.


Pulled your finger out yet, @JamesCollier?


I really hate that expression. The visual is just too much.


Sorry about that.


Like what?


Like ”later today” or ”in a couple of weeks/months” or anything in between.


To say this thread is bizzare is possibly the understatement of the year… I love it


Poor James…


Maybe it’s just your dirty mind :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing::laughing:


Hi guys

Sorry for the delay

it’s now live:


Thanks James, it’s gonna take 2 or 3 sittings to “digest” all that info, a bit too specialist for me to take in all at once. Good to have an official article to reference next time this topic comes up.


James, I love you. Virtual high 5! :raised_hand:

You’ve nailed the Testosterone section perfectly, upon all my own many years of research regarding Testosterone I’ve found exactly the same findings.

I might actually pin this on The TDC forum somewhere since it occasionally comes up and I’m forever explaining myself…

Well written indeed!


That’s a lot of info.

I can’t lie, part of me was hoping the page was just going to say…

"Q: Are flaxseeds really ok for men?

A: yes."


“Yes” is the short answer, but some people :roll_eyes: aren’t satisfied with short answers! Myself included :wink:


Q: What is the worst progressive rock band in the world?
A: Yes


You’re definitely funnier when you don’t try so hard :wink:


A: Yes …


Aha !!! :thinking: