Are Huel Black Edition Vanilla and Chocolate the same?

I was trying Huel Black Edition Vanilla that tastes good, but I am having some IBS symptoms I didn’t had while taking Black Edition Chocolate one. As my IBS can be trigger by almost anything and I want to discard Huel as cause, does it make sense that Vanilla could cause symptoms while Chocolate doesn’t? Aren’t they the same except minimal difference for the flavor?


Hi there, you’re right the small difference between them is in the flavour. There’s no reason why Vanilla would trigger your symptoms but Chocolate doesn’t.

Hi, I also have ibs, and I can say you have to think the other way.
Huel black vanilla doesn’t have something bad for you, is the opposite, Huel black chocolate has cocoa, which in some cases can be really helpful for ibs.

Cocoa in small amounts is constipating, it can help with diarrhea, gases, etc.
Also it has some compunds that are not well digested, so when they arrive to the colon they ferment producing good bacteria, which is anti-inflamatory.

I have read this in various articles and also I have experienced this myself, that’s why I always order Huel black chocolate.

The bad news are cocoa has naturally a bit of caffeine, so in case you take 3 or 4 shakes per day everyday, maybe you will have trouble sleeping, if so try mixing with u/u, taking 2 chcolate and 2 vanilla or just taking earlier.

Very interesting advices from both of you, thank you so much!
After some testing I have found out that for some reason, maybe the one you stated @eduedu_123, my IBS cope way better with Black Chocolate than with Black Vanilla.