Are the vitamines & minerals etc in Huel natural or artificial?

I see on the Huel ingredients sheets that there are I think 36 vitamins, minerals etc mentioned at different levels of RDA % … are these ingredients artificially added, like you would find in a multivitamin product for example, or are they present in those doses naturally from the ingredients of the products used to make Huel ? is 100g of product the equivalent of 1 meal, ie 500 caleries ?

I ask because I tend to react badly to artificial vitamins & minerals, especially vitBs … I’ve tried taking artificial vitamins & stuff & makes my moods swing … can even cause depression … someone else mentioned this on another post here.

This article breaks down which are from the ingredients and which are added.

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Hey there, great question. @Coup has linked to a cracking article written by James that really gets down into the nitty gritty - enjoy!

It’s important to note though that just because a vitamin or mineral (VM) doesn’t come from the whole food ingredient, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is artificial. If it is artificial it is artificial. We can still add natural vitamins and minerals to the VM blend we use.

In short:

  • 46% come from the main ingredients
  • 54% added in the VM blend
  • In total, 74% of the VM in Huel are from natural sources

I hope this helps!

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