Curious, are ALL the vitamins and minerals in Huel V3 derived from the food sources in the Huel itself or are some vitamins just added in, like they do with some cereals?

Just thought I’d ask.

Also are there are vitamins and minerals Huel hasn’t been able to put in or does it contain literally all of them?

the answers to your questions can be found in this guide

To answer the second part

Huel contains all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. “Essential” in nutrition means a nutrient that the body can’t produce in adequate amounts so we must get it from the diet.

There are also non-essential B-vitamins as well as other trace elements like vanadium, boron, silica, nickel, etc. These aren’t essential as they are either abundant in nature or can be synthesised from other nutrients.

Huel contains all essential nutrients, as well as non-essential nutrients, in amounts that not only meet official guidelines but, where appropriate, in higher amounts.