Are you using sugar substituted? I'm diabetic

Hi just joined two minutes ago so if this has been covered elsewhere I’m sorry.

Me :I am mainly bedbound and have been for 15 years with TM .(Transverse Myelitis similar to MS)
I am also diabetic type 1.5 that’s steroid acquired because Dr did wrong prescription amount .Only took 3 days to be told I would always be diabetic .

I know you want me to get to main question which is all the protein shakes I have used ALL contain fructose inulin sucrose or ’ naturally occuring sugars’
What is the sugar content in the shakes? What are you using as a substitute ? It’s vital for me to know that before I decide to give this a go.
The vitamin content alone looks amazing . I have been caught out many times by the ’ no sugar’ on products . I can’t walk . Trying to exercise in bed is a struggle.
I’m waiting to have test of teeth removed so I cannot eat anything that requires chewing.

Sorry to go on but I have multiple conditions so must be careful of replacing what I have now .

Thanks for reading . Any response would be very welcome .

Hi - on each of the product pages there is a nutrition and ingredients section for each as they differ – Black Edition powders and RTD 2.0 are sweetened with Stevia, v3 and RTD 1.0 with Sucralose etc.

You’ll also see nutritional information for each flavour that details the sugar content (v3 and Black Edition powders are also available in Unsweetened / Unflavoured versions)

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Hi Beachy,

I have type 2 and have limited mobiility because of neuropathy. At least 50%, I’d guess about 75%, of my food intake is Huel Black edition. Over the past couple of years I’ve been stricter with my diet and am regularly getting Hba1c levels around 30 - this has been consistent enough that at my next diabetes review I’m expecting to have my medication reduced.

Looking down the page that Phil linked to, the carb content of a 400 calorie meal is around 18g, of which about 4.5g is coconut sugar. That works out, according to Dr Google, at about one teaspoon of sugar in an entire meal. Doubtless, like me, you’re a compulsive reader of the nutrition labels in search of hidden sugar - 4.5g for an entire meal is pretty damn low. (I just had a quick run down of the plate meals I occasionally have, and Huel has a lower sugar content than any of them).

I hope that Huel works for you…


Hey Patricia, I’m really sorry that you’ve gone through all that.

As Phil has said you can find the sugar content of each product and flavour on the product pages.

Sucralose is the main sweetener that we use and this is found in Huel Powder v3.0, Essential, RTD, Complete Protein and stevia is found in Black Edition. Our unflavoured and unsweetened versions use no flavours or sweeteners.

As with all food, if you’re using medication to help control your diabetes you should structure your intake of Huel appropriately. Indeed, Huel is low in sugar, has a low GI of 27 and you can accurately measure the amount of carbohydrates you’re consuming in each meal; this may be useful depending on what medication or insulin regimen you’re following.

The carbs in Huel are complex carbs which ties in well with Diabetes UK recommendations: Carbohydrates and diabetes: What you need to know | Diabetes UK

For diabetics who count their carbs to help manage their blood glucose levels as detailed on the Diabetes UK website: The nuts and bolts of carb counting | Diabetes UK

Thank you so much for replies

I will look through the pages and links you have provided.

I hope to find a suitable shake .
Sounds fab all you are doing.

I have never heard of Huel even though I get adverts etc on social media .
Thank you so much.

No problem at all Patricia! If you have any questions just let me know or contact our Customer Experience team at

I have to admit that I am almost addicted to artificial sweeteners…

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