Arsenic in brown rice

Huel uses Brown Rice Protein. Brown rice can contain high levels of Arsenic.

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Is this something to be concerned about for someone who consumes 100% Huel?

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I’m on huel so I don’t need to eat animals that have been pumped full of hormones and chemicals. It would be a slight downer to know huel has toxins. I still believe/hope huel woukd be the healthier option still.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in

Concerned that there’s no response from HUEL on this… yet…


"4. Brown rice protein is NOT the same as brown rice or rice.

To clarify, brown rice protein is a powder derived from brown rice—but they are not the same. When the protein content of brown rice is extracted and purified, most of the other nutrients are “lost.” As the name implies, this food ingredient is a concentrated protein powder, thus having most of the starch (carbohydrates), sugar, fats and even some of the minerals removed."

Also it is highly likely that the same process as below is used to extract the protein

"5. Arsenic is dissovable by water and easily removed from food products like rice protein.

Arsenic is one of those minerals, and it happens to be dissolvable by water (1). Since our rice protein extraction process is heavily water-based, most of the arsenic gets washed out and amounts in the resulting protein powder are considerably less than the starting rice grains."

@garethsayer possibly they’re off work as it’s the weekend? We forget sometimes that this is their job and they’re entitled to time off too.


Fair point and nicely put :+1:

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If prepared correctly as per the instructions Huel also contains water. Hundreds of children die by drowning in water every year. It’s also responsible for burns from boiling kettles, rusts metal, destroys wildlife, carries disease and infections and is deadly in large quantities. Also an ingredient or precursor ingredient in pretty much every explosive. I mean, they even use water to cool down nuclear fusion rods in power stations.

Let’s ban water in Huel.


Should have said Hydroxylic acid :wink:


Hi guys

Like all Huel ingredients, we have specification reports provided. We can assure you that the amounts of arsenic in our brown rice protein is very low and well below safe amounts.


Why not make a public report about the heavy metals in Huel? Like some of your competitors have done.

Why would there be heavy metals in huel ?

Some heavy metals can be included from the soil the ingredients are grown in.

It’s something I am in the process of doing, I just need to make sure I’m not breaking copyright laws or anything so am waiting on feedback.

Unlike your salt and flourine levels, which you’ve purposefully increased over safe amounts.