Attempting a new start

So here I go again, starting my Huel journey again for the 2nd time after a tough 2022 and hoping that I can stick with it.

First order placed with commitment was a bag of Mac n Cheese, bag of Korma, Bag of Salted Caramel, bag of Banana and a box of Strawberry and Cream bars.

1 week in and feeling bloated but had a few turbulent days. I’m trying to fast between 9pm and 11am but really missing my coffee first thing in the morning.

Finally, can anyone suggest what I can do to lose the powdery/grainy texture in the shakes? I’ve had the premixed drinks which are amazing but not cost effective long term.



As has been said in many threads, refrigerator overnight helps with the powdery grainy taste. A high speed blender is good if you want to more replicate the RTD. Not the same but closer. Some plant based milk to replace water also helps. Maybe 10% of the liquid.

I found there’s a difference when I drink a shake out of a mug instead of out of the shaker bottle. Tastes the same but feels different, which suggests texture. Maybe worth a go?

Welcome back to the forum @AlexOUk81! hoping you have a better 2023.

The bloating is normal after returning after a while, just ensure you’re easing yourself in, having one Huel meal a day and building up to avoid this feeling.

As @hunzas said, popping in the fridge helps a lot and if you didn’t want to use a blender then adding ice cubes has always helped me achieve a smoother consistency.

Good luck with your journey :raised_hands: