Back on it after a long time off

Only two days in and really struggling. I know that it works because I went full Huel for about 3 months a couple of years back when trying to lose weight.

At the moment, I’m still having a sensible dinner but phasing that out next week for a while.

Anybody got tips for those that find it hard in the early stages? Obviously it’s mostly about will power, but any pointers would be appreciated.

Struggling in what way, @Dan?

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When I first got into Huel I was doing Huel for breakfast and lunch and then a dinner of rice and whichever beans I fancied…worked brilliantly. I actually think I will be going back to this tomorrow…

As you say it is all about the will power. Are you missing certain flavours or getting hungry with Huel? Would help for you to share how you are struggling so we can give more tips. I found timing my Huel well made me less hungry - didn’t have my first shake until after 11am, second at 2pm and then my meal at 5 or 6pm. Also having some herbal teas inbetween Huel.

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The lack of conventional food, in all honesty. I love food.

I take it you are back on Huel to lose weight? Did you keep a diary in MyFitnessPal last time and stick to a set calorie deficit?

Yes, I did. It was very effective, but quite a miserable time for me.

I have Huel for breakfast and lunch (or evening meal if I go out for lunch), most days with the occasional 100% Huel day, and have done so for 15 months now. My food tastes have changed a great deal since I first started Huel. It’s a way of life now. If I put on a few lbs (like I did at Christmas) I just cut back on the calories until I am at my preferred weight.

I sympathise if you love conventional food more than Huel. Perhaps you should use a different method for losing weight. Whatever diet you go for it will involve a calorie deficit.

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Hi Dan,

It gets better. I try to accept beforehand that the first three days are the hardest and I will feel like crap. Think about what you want to accomplish and before you know it the hard time will be over.

Keep us posted on your journey. Maybe we can help.

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I always miss the chewing the most. I’ve tried to go 100% Huel so many times but I never make it through dinner…

You’re right. It should be easier this time as well because I know from past experience that it works.

It’s just the initial shock to the system I guess.

And yeah, I miss chewing. And heat.

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I find eating granola and bars help. I also prefer to make my shakes with less water and tend to chew whilst drinking. That might sound odd but it’s what I do :grin:

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It does sound a bit odd but whatever works for you really.

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Good tips! I think I’ll give that a try!

Also if you crave salt or heat in between, try some broth.


Now that I’ve adjusted I’m finding it much easier. By using Huel and Ring Fit Adventure on the Switch every day, I’ve managed to knock off a stone since last Tuesday. I realise that kind of weight loss isn’t sustainable and most of it will be water weight. It also all seems to have come off my arms and legs which only serves to further display my rotund stomach, but never mind. Going to keep going at it.

Weight loss has slowed down, as expected, but it’s still happening fairly steadily.

I had a chocolate bar today for the first time since I started back on the Huel. It was bizarre, in that I used to eat a lot of them and not really notice any difference in my demeanour. I ate one today (standard sized dairy milk) and it was like I was on drugs. After not having a sugar hit like that for the better part of a month, it’s crazy to think that I was putting that into my body every day (and often more than once).