Bad breath anyone?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone experiences of has noticed bad breath consuming huel?

I have not experienced bad breath.

I do experience dry mouth after consuming Huel. (I consume enough water in addition to Huel. In fact, I probably consume more water than necessary, because of the dryness.)

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My Huel to solid food ratio is about 50/50 but I haven’t experienced bad breath.

I do have some relevant experience of this though. About 10 years ago I went on a juice fast for 4 weeks. During that time my tongue went green and my breath stank. From what I read this was because my body went into a detox mode and was flushing out all the sh!t from my system. Once I started eating again it went back to normal.

I might be wrong, but if somebody is getting bad breath on Huel it might be because their body is flushing out rubbish from within and it could resolve itself in due course.

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This week I started using Huel, at least one meal a day (500 ml water, 3 scoops), but have started to increase with around 2 meals a day with one regular meal which I try to keep as healthy as possible.

Even after the first 2 days a week ago where I tried the sample, I started noticing bad breath. Kind of odd I guess.

Anyways, after about 5 years of eating really unhealthy, fast-food at least 2-3 times a week, with a healthy meal now and then whenever I had enough energy to make one or someone in my family did, I’ve started using Huel. I was also drinking AT LEAST one can of soda a day for 4 years (!), and after 3 years I started to feel really shit and got symptoms like headaches, dizziness, out of energy, low blood-sugar etc. Last summer I decided to quit soda pretty much completely, but instead go with Coke zero which have worked wonderfully so far, but I still kept eating unhealthy, until now.

So I’m guessing my bad breath has something to do with what Coup said. I hope it’ll eventually get better, since I’ve never really had bad breath in my entire life. It’s especially bad in the mornings, and the fact that I can smell it myself means anyone in my vicinity probably can too, which I hate. I know how awful it is.

I wonder whether its related to the dry mouth in some way.

Morning breath is due to the mouth drying out overnight, and a lot of Huel users are reporting dry mouth.