Dry and sore tongue

I’ve started using Huel from just a week, and observed that my tongue is getting dry and sore. It has never happened to me before(not at this level atleast), the soreness has been on from few days now and I dont seem to make anything work. I am drinking about 4 to 5L water every day, do you have any suggestions/feedback on this?

Hi @psripathi. That’s an awful lot of water. You say your sore tongue

Which leads me to think it has happened before. Do you have diabetes? That’s quite a thirst you have.

Nope @Bee. I am drinking so much water because of I’ve been told to, as that also helps in weight loss, no other specific reason, and its not easy drinking half a liter at one go, so I can tell you its not by choice and not because of thirst either.
Now coming back to the question, how to deal with that sore tongue? as when I searched in here, I’ve seen some other people posting having similar problem after they started taking Huel.

@psripathi are you consuming mostly Huel?
As in are you having most of your calories from Huel?
How much other food are you eating?

Sometimes, replacing solid food with a mainly liquid diet, can cause changes to the saliva production and PH of the mouth, as you are suddenly chewing much less than normal.
Your mouth will probably adjust within a few weeks and start producing a normal amount of saliva again, but in the meantime the change could cause a dry mouth and bad breath.

If this is the cause of your problems, then chewing xylitol gum to stimulate saliva production, using a saliva replacement gel / mouthwash / spray, or simply combining your Huel meals with something chewable eg an apple or some other healthy chewable snack, may reduce your symptoms

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Also, a GP recently told me that drinking large amounts of water can cause dry mouth symptoms, which seemed counter-intuitive to me, but I guess there must be some truth in it if she said so !

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Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

Your GP is correct :grinning:

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