Dry tongue

I mostly like the product but good god it gives me a dry tongue for about an hour after drinking. Nothing will shift it - no water, fizzy drinks, milk - nothing.

I get a bit of an astrigent tongue from nut milks like almond milk so I’m wondering if the ingredient calcium carbonate (which is also on Huel) or some effect of the vegan proteins?

It’s really putting me off.

Hey @Nozzz, I have to admit that I’ve not come across this with Huel before & non of the ingredients should cause this. The main causes of a dry mouth/tongue would be dehydration, certain medication/treatments, smoking, anxiety and breathing through your mouth at night. Sorry I can’t be of more help with this one.

HI Rebecca

A quick search does actually reveal a few previous experiences like that but whether they are actually the same thing is hard to say.

It’s definitely non of the causes mentioned since it only happens with Huel. Seems particularly egreious with the berry one so maybe my tongue just reacts to a flavoruing compound. Annoying!

I guess there’s not much I can do really as it’s not exactly a common experience so not a fault in the product. Maybe it will subside with some perseverence.

I suggest trying a different flavour, or if worst comes to worst, remove your tongue completely and commit yourself to Huel f o r e v e r.

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