Really bad smell from mixed Huel

So recently I’ve started to notice an immediate state of bad breath after drinking Huel. Previously it was only due to both my body “cleansing” as a lot of people have talked about before, which stopped after a few weeks, aswell as the lack of chewing, using your teeth etc. which can apparently give bad breath (makes sense I guess).

But now as soon as I drink Huel I get this really bad taste in my mouth, even though while drinking Huel itself tastes about the same as it always has. The bag of Huel I have open right now smell exactly the same as always, my shaker doesn’t give off any smell at all dry or with water in it, it’s as soon as I mix the Huel in the shaker and open the lid that I can smell this… really disgusting smell. I can’t even explain how it smells. Rotten or something I guess. Not a pleasant smell whatsoever at least.

I’ve used this shaker since Summer, but shouldn’t it smell bad dry too if that would be the problem? My Huel bags expiration date is in 2018. I’m gonna try to mix my Huel in something else tomorrow and see. Maybe Huel have always smelled this bad after it’s been mixed?

Could you have not sealed the bag correctly and it’s gone off perhaps?

Or maybe it’s a bad batch and you can return it for testing?

I always seal the bag, if I don’t do it correctly I notice a few hours after and redo it. I got this batch like a month ago or so.

I’d actually consider sending them back, the problem is I won’t have any fuel for a pretty long time if I do that… Maybe I could send one bag back perhaps, preferably the one that is open since I know there’s something wrong with that batch for sure. I even smelled it from the bag today.

Best bet: email and ask them how to proceed. Sounds like there must be an issue…tell them the batch number etc.

Will do. My brother got a batch the same day as me and we live close to each other so I’ve asked him to check if he notices anything aswell.

I also just now checked with a different shaker (well, I used a mixer and poured it into a large glass), and the smell is still there.

Really odd.

That is strange… maybe worth testing the other bag from same batch…but opening 2 has its own problems for returning them.

Maybe if you add the batch number here, someone else could have same batch and advise if they’ve noticed anything peculiar.

I get it every now and again if I don’t clean the shaker out well enough. There’s a little tiny rim around the top of the bottle where Huel accumulates as well as in the lid itself. If you get moisture in there and keep topping it up with more moist Huel it starts to rot. I’m extra thorough now.

Do you use milk in your Huel?

Good point. The OP could try mixing a spoonful of Huel in whatever liquid he uses in a glass…leave it a minute and see if it smells. That would rule out the shaker.

I’m using regular swedish tap water, it doesn’t smell of anything, just simple water.

The shaker I tried previously today was completely new, which I’ve never had Huel in, only a PWO powder once, which smells a lot. Immediately after shaking the Huel and opening the lid, it popped open like it was in vacuum or something. Might’ve been because I opened it as soon as I was done, not sure. But it still smelled like absolute ass, overtaking the strong PWO smell completely.

The really strange part is that it tastes exactly the same, it just smells like shit. I just opened my 3rd bag to confirm that it’s not just one bag, and that one smelled like shit too. Did I just forget Huel smells like shit after mixed or is there something wrong with it? I’m contacting Huel tomorrow to talk with them. From what I can remember, Huel smells like vanilla, even after being mixed. My Huel has no vanilla smell whatsoever, it only tastes like vanilla, a bit.

My batch # is 2744 (if that is the number I’m supposed to be looking at, it’s at the start of the expiration date column).

I wonder if you have got the bag wet inside? I’m carefully not leave a damp or wet scoop in the bag or ‘just washed hands’ brushing the inside of the foil.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Could’ve been, but the fact that I got the same result from a brand new unopened bag that have been resting on a dry place I don’t think so.

I contacted Huel and got a very fast reply with information. I’m gonna test one last thing which might be the reason for the bad smell, which is that I put all of my shakers in the dishwashing machine a week ago. That might be it, so I’m going to thoroughly wash and clean one of my shakers with my own hands, and rinse with really hot water multiple times to get it as clean as possible, and then try again.

If the bad smell is still there I can’t think of anything else that could be wrong, except for the Huel itself, and I’ll send it back so they can hopefully find out what the problem is.

It’s pretty hard to mix it properly with a spoon, but I’ll try I guess. Thanks for the tip.

Edit: Well, that settles it I guess. Both the 2nd bag and the 3rd which is completely new and only opened one day ago.

Used two different glasses for both bags, a bit of water and two different spoons and mixed it. Same smell from both.

I was only suggesting mixing it with a spoon to see if you could replicate the smell…not to drink it…but seems like you have you answer now anyway…yuk.

Ever since v2.1 I’ve noticed a disgusting smell (and taste) too once water is added. And I’m also one of the people reacting to the taste, having to plug my noise to get it down. If you ever accidentally spilled and burnt milk/eggs on the stove, it’s kind of the same smell I find.

I contacted them about it and had a new batch sample sent, but it was the same.

Yeah, seems to just be v2.1. As far as I can remember, Huel didn’t smell nearly as bad after you mix it with water.

I can live with it, but don’t really see why this even happened. Huel smelled like Vanilla before pretty much, but now it smells similar to milk that have gone bad.

@TimOfficeHuel Is this something you’re looking into? It feels really odd that the Huel powder smells like it did previously (vanilla), and the taste is basically the same, but the smell after mixed with water is just really, really bad.

Sorry to have seemingly completely missed this post. Sorry to hear that you aren’t getting on well with your Huel. It seems like there is two of you with similar issues. Forgive me for clarifying but:

To you Huel 2.1 smells fine as powder as did 2.0?
But once mixed with water 2.1 smells bad and gives you bad breath, whereas 2.0 didn’t?

Which batches are you both on (@Joersl)? 4 digit batch number found on reverse of pouch under or to the right of the nutritional label. I’ll see if anything came up in the organoleptic tests for those batches.

My batch # is 2744.

I’ve been in contact with Zoe and I decided that it wasn’t worth sending back my 4th unopened bag, as I found out my Huel was “fine” in terms of being the same as everyone else’s v2.1 (as far as I know).

I think the reason why more people haven’t reported the same issue is because you really need to stick your nose down the shaker to notice the smell, it’s not like it spreads out of the shaker, it’s a very confined smell in that sense.

#2575 - But I was just commenting on the smell and in my case after-taste also, because I’m pretty sure the smell and taste are from the same source. I haven’t noticed any difference in breath. I was never on 2.0. I went from 1.2 to 2.1 and noticed the difference.

There’s been a few people on here who have a problem with the after-taste in 2.1. I introduced a friend to it recently who also reacted badly to it. Adding a banana helps a lot. I’m almost certain it has to do with the sweetener.

Hi there,
i got also a bad smell from Huel, it appears as i didnt cleaned the bottle/shaker immediately after using Huel.
If you leave it uncleaned in a dishwasher for more than 1 day it will going to smell very strange.
At last my plastic-bottle is “poisened” with this smell and i cant clean it enough (i tried a lot, even aggressive toilet cleaner) to get this smell off.

So i guess, if Huel gets wet it and dont consumed immediately (same day) it starts smelling, gets rotten etc.

Anyone similar issues?

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I have a bad smell on lot 92818.
Really hard to swallow because of it. Smells like sewage. I have to use cinnamon in order to hide the smell.