Cheesy Smell

Has anyone else noticed that the Huel drink has a cheesy smell? I’ve just started and noticed that the completed beverage and anything used to make it (I use a blender because I feel like an adult baby drinking out of those plastic cups) smells like cheese instead of the vanilla scent of the powder form.

Nope. It smells nothing like cheese to me.

Nope…no cheese for me.

I hate cheese with a passion and can’t stand the smell either. I detect neither in Fuel.

Hey there, that is really bizarre and certainly not normal (no cheesy smells for me either). Could you give me a little more information please, as we always take comments of this nature seriously:

  • How have you been storing your Huel, any reason for any rancidity
  • What batch number is your Huel? You can find this 4 digit number underneath the rear label of your Huel pouch
  • Is it just the Vanilla Huel?
  • Is this just as a powder or is it also when you’ve mixed it?

Look forward to hearing back from you.

A recent batch of unsweetened smelt different, I wouldn’t say it was cheesy though, more farty/rotten egg when made. 3308 08:03 is one of the three bags from the same batch (two opened and smell the same, third still sealed as can’t drink them), interested to see if yours is similar date/batch.

More recent bags are ok, as was previous batch I had 3243 08:30

Thanks for that. Once @SumerMishue responds I’ll direct this to the team on quality assurance.

I don’t have the batch number due to manfriend tossing the bag. By the way, he did not notice the smell. Admittedly, my sense of smell is rather over active from years of training for wine sales. The smell came from the prepared beverage and the yet to be cleaned blender that I used to mix the beverage. The powder itself smelled of vanilla.

@SumerMishue OK, if the blender wasn’t properly cleaned then this could be a problem, they can get a little whiffy!

@MadMattTheThird We’ve checked this out and there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary with your batch when it was tested. Are you certain you are storing it correctly? Open/semi-closed pouches could possibly absorb smells from around it or just speed up rancidity.

Do you have a sample still? It would be extremely helpful if you could return it to us!