Bags Rip when opening them

For some reason when I try to open the bag they rip appart. It seems that something has changed with the packaging.

Does anyone else have the same issue?


I don’t trust to ripping bags. Have learned from previous disasters with other foodstuffs. Now I always use scissors.


Yes mine don’t rip off straight anymore, but it rips upwards so not to bothered as it re seals ok.

True, but in the beginning that was not needed.

Yeah, mine too…although I always decant into tubs so not a biggie for me.

Also always just go for scissors. From experience with the bags, but also from other food stufs packaged like this. Also I might be just a tad too OCD to have to deal with a gnarly bag every time I get some Huel. Reaching for the scissors just once is worth it.

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