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For any other newbie with OCD, I would recommend scissors.

Your welcome


I tend to only tear it about a third of the way over then just open it, i’m a savage :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t have OCD but do use scissors. Past experience has taught me this (not with Huel but with other products)


If you can never find your scissors (I guess less likely for those highly organised ocd types), then folding along the tear line numerous times prior to tearing, will give you a nice clean tear. Don’t just go ripping at the bag without folding the tear line first… you’ll get a big mess :laughing: which is annoying even if you’re someone who doesn’t like things tidy


Yeah but sometimes the bags tear perfectly, first time, with no folding. Not every time, not even half the time, but enough that it’s worth the gamble to get that feeling of triumph.


Nothing is worth spilling Huel powder all over the place :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t spill anything, I just get a sad and raggedy edge.


Plus 1 for using scissors (always…).

That sounds suspiciously like something a robot would say, hmmm…

I decant mine into large glass jars, so they sit bench top, look a bit hipster-kitsch and I dont need to look at big ugly bags (sorry Huel) every day.

But it should be stored in dark conditions! :scream:

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Wwhhhaaaaatt??? :scream::scream::scream:

Tbf I go through it pretty quick and haven’t noticed a difference in taste.

I’m about a month in and still living… I’ll report back if nasty side effects get me.

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It won’t effect the taste but will damage the proteins. Protein denaturation from UV radiation can occur very quickly – there are various factors involved, but tests have shown that protein bonds can start breaking down in as little as 2 microseconds of exposure to a close source of UV radiation.

It isn’t just sunlight that emits UV radiation – small amounts are also released from domestic incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs.

It follows then that if you are using an air tight storage container left on your counter top it would either have to be a fully opaque one such as stainless steel or if its glass, then the glass would have to have UV barrier properties such as a large apothecary jar – which are such a dark shade of blue they appear almost solid black.

I’m so sorry for your experience. There is so much satisfaction in a perfectly torn Huel pouch.

Saw this tiktok yesterday and he gets the tear so good it must be fake.

Oh no!
I’ve moved my jars to a cupboard and next bag wont be decanted!

This isn’t really an issue because heat i.e. cooking will also denature proteins and this does not affect the nutrition. The concern is more around vitamins and minerals degrading which will affect the nutritional quality of Huel. U.V. light can do this, although the effects are likely to be relatively minor.

Storing jars of Huel in a cupboard will be okay but it gives you a little insight into why the Huel pouches are the way that they are.

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I assume flavour boosts are safe to keep in jars though? :slight_smile:

really, really small ones :slight_smile:

or pour them all into a bigger one…


Flavour boost: Surprise edition!