Opening Huel Bag Issue

Hi :smile:

Firstly, I’m loving Huel. Been using on and off for about a year and have grown to like it more and more. I now use it everyday for two of my three meals (4 scoops in 400ml milk per meal). Yummy :yum:

Here’s the thing.,recently (last two orders) the huel bags have been tearing awkwardly from the tear here marker rather than In a straight rip if you know what I mean? Has the bag changed in some way or have I suddenly lost the ability to open Huel bags? :slight_smile: The current bag I’m using ripped in a way that damaged the pop together sealer thing so I’m having to roll it up and put something heavy on it to keep it closed. Any ideas?

Cheers, KB

I’ve had this happen on about 3 bags out of maybe 40 I’ve ever bought.

I just use scissors or a knife now, although I can just about get away with tearing it. I hold just below the tear line with one hand and pull totally horizontal from there. Normally gives a straight tear.

I have the same issue, batch 6307, all bags so far. Annoying but can live with it.

I’ve just received my first order and this problem opening the pack wasn’t the best first impression but hopefully the taste and success of the product will go some way to making this a little less annoying.

This is sad. It is bringing tears to my eyes.


If you like, I can send you the broken bag, empty of Huel, to catch and store your tears in? Let me know :slight_smile:


Scissors :wink:

Indeedy deedy :scissors:

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Angle grinder might help or a chainsaw ???