Closing the bag

So this is actually not an issue, once you realise that you need to run a sharp point around the seal to get the powder out of the creases.

Apparently I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, however, as it took me a good two days to clock this. Would it be helpful to point out somewhere on the packaging that this is what you need to do, or did everyone else get there faster than me?

I’ve been using different powders for a while and plenty of other pouches have the same issue.

I just run a credit card along the inside/coupling to get the powder out.

Easy peasy!

Thanks guys for the tips.

We are also looking at alternative types of seals because these ones can be a bit annoying.


I used to get a fair bit of specialty coffee and protein powder delivered in similar pouches. I use a cocktail stick or toothpick and run it along the gap in the zipper to clean it out, works for me.

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I agree with @Cheb a cocktail stick has been the best tool for me so far (although I only need to do it once per bag, upon initial opening).

For me the biggest problem isn’t resealing the bag, it’s the sheer size of it… I know the powders will inevitably settle from when they’re first packaged, but surely they don’t settle that much? Makes getting the powder out that much harder

My first bag was no problem sealing at all. My second - well that’s a different story…

Tried cleaning the seal with a knife as suggested, nada. Tried again. No go.

Tried with a credit card. Nope.

Tried with my nectar card. Nah.

Shouted at bag. Tried again. Bag hates me.

Asked eldest son, he gave up.

Asked second eldest son - he asked me not to disturb him during a round of COD III…

Decided to decant bag 2 into bag 1. Asked Mrs to hold open bag 1 whilst I attempted to pour in bag 2.

Started slowly, little shakes and jiggles to continue flow (bag 2 is full into empty bag 1). Bag 2 contents suddenly gathered momentum faster than Usain Bolt approaching the finish line.

Bag 2 contents on bench, pants leg and floor. Shouting at bag, bench and pet dog ensues 'coz I really don’t want to be clearing up Huel fuelled dog do. Dog backs out before getting a lick of Huel.

Wife is breathless with laughter and she thinks I’m nuts anyway.

Anyway, mess tidied. Bench cleaned, floor vacuumed - probably lost a days worth of Huel :frowning:

No real reason why it shouldn’t work as a seal on bag 2 and bag 1 is still working.

Supplier issue??


One word for you, Tupperware :wink:

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Just concerned that the contents would go off - but as long as stored dark I guess it would be fine. But I’m not hosting a tupperware party to get it cheap (circa 1970…)

It is very hard to get the powder out of the bottom of the bag, especially since it is creased on all four sides and hides in all those creases. I end up with it in my armpit if I dig it out one scoop at a time, or spilling everywhere if I try to pour it.

I tilt the bag towards a side as the bag runs down.

When its really run down I tilt it to a corner, then you’re getting part scoops for the last meal or so. You need to eyeball the qty as you dont get a full scoop at a time.

There is a very small amount of powder left that I dont worry about. I did think about cutting one of the bottom corners off, when I get down the last scoop or twos worth. Not tried it - so can’t vouch for it.

When you reach the bottom of the bag with say 50g left, open another bag and flip the current bag into the new bag. Bang and shake it into the new bag and it’ll end up completely empty.