Bag doesn't seal

Is it ok to keep huel in an unsealed bag for a couple months? The tub i usually dump the bags into is occupied rn so i wonder if nutrient loss can occur

rubber bands are your friends. :wink:

How would you seal it with rubber bands? I can’t quite think of the technique

What do you mean by unsealed bags? They have a seal

ah, fold the top over and wrap the whole thing tightly in a couple of bands is how I’d approach the problem. Bulldog clips would work. Clothes pegs, in a pinch (tho’ not that hard of a pinch). Or if you’re ok with single-use plastics… sticky tape. Or buy a new ziplock bag… or another tub. After that, I’m all out of ideas.

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I mean the ziplock doesn’t work for some reason. It is not even stuffed with powder like it sometimes happens but it doesn’t seal

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Eh i wanted to avoid the hassle and just understand if deterioration of nutrients will be really bad if there’s some exposure to air for that amount of time

Oh right. That’s weird. I’m sure I saw someone post somewhere a while ago about having two female or two male zips on a bag. May have been @Coup. Shouldn’t really happen. If I was you I’d just fold it over several times and then stick band around it as @epicure said. Not ideal but not sure of a foolproof workaround.

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Thanks for letter us know, sometimes you do just need to make sure they’re aligned properly before you zip it up. If they aren’t working then it’s definitely worth reporting this to the CX team because they log complaints like this. We can then track spikes in complaints about a particular topic to see trends.

Thanks a lot!

Do i have to send an email or is it enough that i wrote a post here?

I think it might have something to do with bad ziplock implanting process? Like this is the first time i have trouble zipping the lock, but badly placed lock is definitely something very regular. I think that out of all bags ive ordered so far, only one had its side creases not chewed up by ziplock (i hope you understand what i mean). That’s the only reason i had to buy a tub - scooping out of the bags is a pain in the ass due to that problem

My bag does not close even though it says resealable. The seal is very cheap. I dumped my bag into an old protein container I had. I was going to put them into ziplock bags but thought it be easier to put the last remaining protein into a ziplock bag and dump the whole huel bag into the protein container.

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Just a hunch, but I think there maybe some pilot error.

Admittedly I’ve only had 39 bags so far, so still quite new to this, but all 39 bags have been fine, seal-reseal, no bother.

Oh and there’s been extra use: each of the 39 bags has gone through a second life as a resealable poop scoop container. They’re v good for all that crap because they reseal so well, ie, no stink.

:seal: :+1:

Just for the record, I have never had a problem with the bags. I tend to flick along both sides of the zip before sealing to ensure no powder builds up in the grooves.

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Guess you don’t wanna mix them up on a bleary eyed morning.

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no way! :rofl:

and apologies for mentioning it again…

Yes please :slight_smile: By emailing we will have access to your full name, email, order number, product history and be able to link this up with a system where we track product complaints! We can then match complaints against certain batches too and it makes it easier for us to work out a root cause.

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I have the same issue as pogloschenie, ie the top of the side gussets sometimes welded in by the ziplock so the bag doesn’t open evenly, but I don’t think it’s really an issue. The last spoonfuls of powder can always be reached with a regular spoon. If the bag isn’t going to be repurposed I’d just cut it in half to get to the last of the powder.

The problem about this for me was that i can’t stand powder from the bag getting on my hand or anywhere other than spoon. And it was impossible to avoid that with these weirldy welded bags. Used to bother me a lot until i switched to a tub

I like taking a ‘handle with care’ approach to mixing a shake, no different to careful preparation of normal food. Sort of an added-value when something’s not completely childs’ play.

but tubs must be good too, especially with a line-up of different flavours. :slight_smile:

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