Banana flavour aftertaste?

If I make banana Huel with all milk (or plant milk) it tastes fine but if I make it with half water and half milk there is a really unpleasant, bitter aftertaste. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Is it a bad batch?

I’m not referring to the ‘artificial’ banana taste that some people mention, I actually like that type of flavouring.

Hi Astarte,
I love my Huel Banana :yum:! Absolutely no bitterness or any kind of unpleasant aftertaste and I add only water (2 scoops, 500 ml water). Do you drink it soon after preparing or is it possible that you wait too long? I think the shakes get kind of smoothier when they “rest” about 2 hours in the fridge. But I never wait longer than 12 hours.

I make it in the morning (around 7am) and then drink it at work for lunch. I do this with the berry flavour too and that doesn’t have the same problem. Maybe I’ll try making it just before I drink it and see what happens.

Thanks for the message. Sorry to hear your Banana tastes funky when you reduce the milk down to use more water. I don’t have an answer for you, although I’m interested to hear if it’s v3.0 (white pouch) or Black Edition?

Please do get in touch with the customer experience team ( so they can log this and look into it! Thanks!

I use half and half with the banana black edition and have had no issues. I do tend to Ninja my powder though.

It’s the white edition, I’ve tried using various milks in it with no success. I actually think I might have to throw the rest of the bag away :frowning:

you could try mixing it with other flavours to see if it cancels out the aftertaste - such as mixing it with the berry powder - rather than wasting it. Or, if you have a blender, try adding something that goes well with banana normally - such as cocoa/cacao powder, frozen berries, honey, caramel etc.

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