Banana for sale

Hi, I have 5 sealed bags and one open bag with 3 scoops removed of banana flavoured Huel. I have forgotten the send them back within the 30 days.

I find the after taste makes me feel nauseous. I can’t get on with it. But I see some love it! Taste to me like over ripe bananas.

I’m in North Wales. Not sure what the going rate is for sealed bags, I’d only ask for payment for the 5 sealed bags.



When I saw the title of the thread I thought you were Maurizio Cattelan for a minute.

Good marketing.


Haha love this :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I’m getting one of them for my wife for Christmas. She won’t need to peel it. It will be more moist than the Xmas cake.

Ha, so sweet… :heart_eyes:

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Sorry I should have checked. I have 4 sealed bags of banana, and 1 sealed bag of chocolate, 1 choc bag with 2 scoops taken out.