Banana RTD feedback thread

Hi all, I noticed there wasn’t a specific thread dedicated to Huel’s latest product (at time of writing Mar '21), the Banana flavour ready-to-drink milkshake.

Let me start by giving it a rating out of five

God damn that’s a good milkshake. Probably my favourite Huel product ever, although I am a bit banana-mad


Whoops, it seems Tim posted an announcement here that includes some feedback already, but I am going to leave this thread up since I couldn’t find Tim’s post when I searched “Banana RTD” on the forum

Great idea, fully supported.

Feedback: pretty good. Even a coworker liked it, even though she hated vanilla and chocolate RTDs that I made her try x). To be honest I expected a stronger banana taste, something close to a banana yoghurt available in Finland.

Chocolate and banana RTD’s are definitely going to be main stays in my subscription box.

Edit: HMMMM. What if I were to mix banana and chocolate together and disguise it as my own cooking? I will definitely try that in the near future.

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Here’s mine:

I was just wondering where to start. I love bananas and often make baked goods with them. It’s good to mix them with avocado, chocolate. Sometimes I add honey, and it makes a great breakfast.

As Tim mentions in the thread I linked, Banana RTD is very different from Banana powder. The flavour of RTD is similar to other banana milkshakes (yazoo, frijj, McDonalds banana milkshake etc), and other banana flavoured sweets. There’s a number of really good reasons that none of these things taste like the actual bananas that we buy in supermarkets these days, but long story short it’s because the “banana flavour” compound is based on a cultivar of banana that no longer exists (sad times, I wish I could bite into a fruit and taste that amazing banana milkshake flavour a la gros michel).

Anyway all that is to say, Banana RTD Huel tastes like most “banana flavoured” sweet things (delicious), and Banana Huel powder tastes more like real bananas, less sweet, more “chalky” to my taste, but just as great (especially with a banana thrown in and blended in my experience).


I’ve read a little about this before, so so interesting! Would be so cool to taste a banana like this!

Thank you for the feedback guys, keep it coming!

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I lifted my rtd to drink out of the fridge ready to enjoy. Thinking it was the new banana flavour on my 1st sip I thought not much banana flavour and quite sweet compared to the powders. I then looked at the bottle and to my annoyance i had lifted out a bottle of the vanilla. Aw well banana taster still to come. :banana::banana::thinking:

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That extra suspense is going to make it taste even better Val!

After 5 bottles of banana RTD, here’s my final verdict: This stuff is too runny. I much prefer the thicker chocolate RTD. Nothing wrong with the taste, though.

Right now I feel I’m probably not going to order more.

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My latest box of Banana RTD seems to taste more saccharine than usual. I hope they haven’t changed the recipe because it puts me off. Might just be my tastebuds or imagination, but for some reason this batch is too sickly sweet, like the salted caramel.