FAO @Liath We just released a Banana Ready-to-drink 🍌

We have got some huge news for you all, but especially @Liath.

Today, as you might have seen from any lucky people who snapped the mystery product up, we have just released a Banana Ready-to-drink and it is gooooooood!

This has a sweet and creamy banana flavour, it reminds us of your favourite banana milkshake or those little banana foam sweets. It’s delicious, but tastes different to Banana Powder.

You can grab yours here! If you have any questions just shoot them below!


Sadly I can only like this post once. To bastardise a quote “I love this 3000”.

Where’s your Coffee RTD though @Tim_Huel ?

PS: It seems I may have been a teeny, tiny bit obsessive about this topic - sorry!


I just added it to my next delivery can’t wait to try it :smiley:

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Really delicious - easily my favourite RTD flavour - probably the creamiest/smoothest of the lot with a nice natural sweet(ish) banana taste.


Totally agree. Just finished my first one for a (late) breakfast and it tastes great. The banana taste is spot on, no artificial aftertaste, not too sweet and tastes like actual bananas. It’s filling and just the right texture/thickness. I had a slice of homemade banana bread afterwards to compare and the taste is very similar.

Absolutely my favourite Huel in any format so far. It’s replaced Berry as my favourite RTD.

Very much worth the wait and will be a regular order from now on.


Thumbs up from me too :+1: I haven’t ordered RTD for some time now so thought I’d better get on and try it. It arrived first thing this morning, is really delicious and my new favourite. Agree with @Liath it really is spot on as regards taste and texture. Well done, once again, Huel!


This is really great to hear! Thanks so much, I agree that the team have nailed this RTD. It is delicious.

Drinking my first bottle of this now. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

It’s very sweet and definitely tastes like a mix of mcdonalds banana milkshake and banana foam sweets. It might be because it hasn’t been in the fridge but it has a slight chalky texture but it’s otherwise completely smooth.

My new ranking of huel RTD is :

1 Chocolate
2 Banana
3 vanila
4 berry

I’d say a taste comparison to a maccas banana shake is a pretty good result considering all the sugar and lard they put in those things to make them taste ok :slight_smile:


I’ve just had my first one. I don’t drink banana flavoured products so I’m probably out of touch on what the banana flavour should be like, but I think the comparisons to a McDonald’s style banana milkshake seem accurate. I found the flavour quite strong, not in a bad way, but did find it a tad too sweet.

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