Best shaker?

Anyone have any ideas for the best shaker for Huel?
I’ve tried a few, but sometimes still have some lumps.

I’ve been using a MiiXR+ Stealth from promixx. It struggled a bit with 2.3 but with v3 needing less powder it mixes things up pretty nicely. It’s a little daft, but it’s handy having a powerbank in the base.

It’s still not quite on the same level as blending properly at home, but it’s the biz for mixing on the go.

I’m going to post this again.

It’s not perfect but it’s cheap. I just use them with the freebie Huel shakers.


Do you not find that leaks a bit when you try to fill it with water?

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You have to drink fast.

I didn’t know this was the case. I’m using the same amount of powder.