Best two things

I’ve been using Huel for a few weeks now, loving the experience so far. Just wanted to share my favourite two things about Huel.

The first is that it stops me snacking on crap. Usually, if I got hungry between meals, I would go to the fridge and, not wanting to cook anything, I’d end up with a chocolate bar or a sugary yoghurt or crisps or some other nutrition-free alternative.

Now, if I have any hunger, I can make a Huel shake in less than a minute and get rid of the hunger whilst giving my body something good!

The second is that Huel travels brilliantly. I travel for work, spending 3-4 days a week away from home living out of a suitcase. It’s not always easy to find places to buy healthy food and you can’t do your own cooking in hotel rooms. But on a Sunday night I now get about 10-12 little tubs which hold 100g each and portion out my Huel for the time I’m away, and pack it in my suitcase.

That means I can have hotel breakfast, restaurant dinner, and all the meals in between are pure Huel.

Overall, as a result of these two simple changes, I now have much more level energy and am losing fat whilst gaining muscle on my workout programs.

Love this stuff . . .


Great; glad you’re getting on well :slight_smile: