Black Edition flavour

Hi, I’ve recently been trying Black Edition, but the taste is just not good at all. I’ve got Strawberries and Cream and the Banana one, and it’s just not that nice, especially compared to Complete Protein (which I think is delicious!). It’s like there’s a little hint of each respective flavour that’s overpowered by an aggressively bland sort of Weetabix-y taste. If that’s how it’s meant to be then I guess I’m not really a fan!

hmm I could understand that if your were having 3.0 as thats Oat based but Black isn’t :slight_smile: You will find that many new users tastes adapt to it over a period of time as its just something new for their palette. I like S&C and find the flavouring too strong if anything so I tone it down with either vanilla or UU just to show that everyones tastes buds are different :slight_smile:

For me and perhaps others the taste of huel gets tastier the more you have it.

Also other factors are involved like what else is in your diet. For example when I was fully vegan, fruit tasted more delicious. Taste is an interesting topic.

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Hey Jasper, welcome on board! It’s all about finding what works for you! I think over time the flavour will really grow on you, it does for many people!

Complete Protein flavour I think is a lot stronger. I wonder if it’s worth getting a Flavour Boost for your Black Edition to increase the sweetness/flavour?

Have a play with adding some fruit or other flavourings and I’m certain you’ll find the way that works for you!