Black edition - help with health condition

Hello All,

I have started using Huel Black edition from Sunday(2 Feb 2020). I normally using 2 to 3 scoop for an entire day. (Breakfast, Snacks). I am having lunch and dinner as usual.

Yesterday night I had 1 scoop of vanilla flavour with my usual dinner(Pasta).

(I am making shake using raw full fat milk 500ml + Huel 2 scoop + luke warm water)

I don’t know it is because of raw milk or huel but while having poop in the morning there was blood in my shit and last night my stomach pained like hell.

This did not happened with Chocolate black edition but when I had vanilla flavour this bad symptoms started. I am little bit afraid - Could you please advise?

Shall I stop using Huel immediately?

Please respond ASAP.

If you were constipated, you might have torn something. Food can’t cause internal bleeding, so if it happens again you should go to the doctor.

Edit: noticed you said raw milk. You could have food poisoning.

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Your best bet is to see your GP.

Please stop drinking raw milk. The reason why milk is pasteurised is to make it safe to drink by reducing bacteria to a safe level, raw milk is not pasteurised so it is very easy to get sick from it.


If you have blood and and stomach pains it’s advisable to see your GP. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a food allergy that causes bleeding lesions in my colon.

I stand corrected.

It was a blessing in disguise, I can’t each much processed food as a result.

I have the same thing and I drink oat milk. Definitely something in this. I must be allergic to something in the ingredients :(. Thanks for the advice.

Hi Carley,

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