Black huel question

Hi guys,
I’ve been having black huel twice a day and a regular healthy meal.
I decided on black huel as Im vegetarian and was trying to build muscle and lose a bit of body fat so decided the extra protein would be beneficial and it saved me having to plan my meals to ensure I got enough protein, carbs, fats ect.
I’ve been on this regime for 4 weeks and I’ve gained weight around my stomach area mainly.
I’m very active, train daily, weights and cardio and using the calories in vs calories out theory I should be in a calorie defect so should be making a steady loss.
As the weight gain is around my middle I’m wondering if something in huel is just not agreeing with me and the main reason for this post was to see if anyone has had any similar experiences and advice?
I’ve not had this issue for years and ironically due to lockdown I’m more active than I usually am as I have had the time.
Somethings not adding up and I don’t know what it is or what to change.
Any advice would be appreciated.

You say you’ve gained weight around your middle. Has your weight gone up? If so, your calories in/out calculations are wrong.

If your weight has gone down, but your waist measurement has gone up… I dunno, that’s odd!

Also have you weighed yourself and your weight gone up, if not could it be water retention / bloating? Are you having enough water each day?

Just a suggestion because my cousin had a bit of a bloating problem with Huel until she started drinking more water.

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if it is a definite increase in stomach fat then this may be due to increase it dietary sugar, increase in alcohol, menopause or genetics.
secondly this may indicate pre diabetic state.
Thirdly, if it just appears that your stomach has gained fat without gaining fat this may be a distended stomach. Due to increase levels of physical activity and exercise this could be due to spinal hyper lordosis.

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ive had no body fat gain during since black huel came out n i have it 6/7 times a day. quite the opposite.

my unqualified guess is that you have underlying gut health problems.

in my experience going fully vegan solves problems like this.

its going to be a combination of things… probably not huel to be completely honest. the weight gain could be occurring due to a mix of different foods and drink.

alcohol and meat for example is a problem to not mess with.

could be the coconut sugar.

ppl are different with different conditions…

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Thanks David,
I don’t have any scales so not sure my actual weight, I going with what my clothes feel like tbh.

Definitely not been great on water intake so I will try this thankyou!!

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Hi Matt it’s funny you say this because I was fully vegan for about a year but went back to vegetarian 2-3 months ago.
Never linked the two but I’m going to cut the dairy again and see what happens. :ok_hand:


Thankyou… I don’t have much alcohol but to be honest I’ve been having more g&ts than I usually would.

sounds like it could be that.

theres so many general studies about generally full fat milk makes you lose weight etc. its believable when you trust that generalising source. but it could be that.

everyones has different factors in their bodily system.

environment is overlooked too.

maybe its stress / mental health related contributing to it aswell or milk… since the lockdown. always consider convergent factors when something occurs in a time frame.

It could be visceral fat. That’s the term for belly fat. It’s considered bad because it surrounds your vital organs. People can usually get rid of it by doing general exercise. You can get £30 smart scales that measure it, along with stuff like BMI, body fat %, and other body composition numbers. The one I use is from Xiaomi (link here).

Hope this helps. Sorry that I can’t comment on why you’re not losing weight.

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