Black vs White - Taste & Texture

Hiya, I’ve been using Huel Black for a few months now… (Chocolate is my fave, followed by Salted Caramel and Banana, not so keen on Strawberries & Cream - controversial, I know) BUT I’m wondering, aside from the macro split and price, is there any other differences between White & Black - in terms of texture and taste?

Eg. Is White smoother than Black? Are the flavours more intense in one version? etc…
I feel like the taste of Chocolate in Black really divides people on here, so I’m guessing it’s quite different to Chocolate in White?

Just wondering whether to switch up my next order, because I’ve realised I’m not actually too fussed about macro split. :slight_smile:

(And before anyone says it - I’ve checked for similar threads on this - most comparisons are on stomach issues or macro split :sunglasses:)

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I find the black to be smoother and less sweet than the v3’s. they also use different sweeteners so with that and the oats vs tapioca - the flavours will not be exactly the same.

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