Huel Black Chocolate V1.0

I have just received my first delivery of Huel Black V1.0 chocolate edition. Firstly I did not realise there are different versions of Chocolate flavours, is there one that is deemed to be the best, I struggled to drink this version, I also noticed the scoop has no measurement on it as I don’t have scales I’ve no idea what the ideal dilution is, I read that some people have different sized scoops?!?


a complete meal for Black is 90g/500ml liquid. there are a couple of shapes of scoops doing the rounds but they should be 50g for a level scoop. getting some cheap scales you can zero - supermarket specials work fine - will help you a lot.

there is only one chocolate version in Black edition - the other is in v3 (white) which is a different product.

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huel black has no oats
so huel white v3 has oats
it tastes different
oats thickens

chocolate to chocolate

I freakin’ love huel black and will fight anyone who “disses” it! Tonight for dinner I had a triple level scoop of it with a double chocolate spoon of flavouring. I made it at lunchtime and left it in the fridge to ferment.

By 7:30 it was thicker than a McDonald’s chocolate thickshake that failed every one of its GCSEs.

Including woodwork.

Mmmmm. So chocolatey!*

*I may be hallucinating because this intermittent fasting thing is quite new so if what I posted is just mindless drivel, well situation normal really I suppose…

I used to love White vanilla and mint chocolate but then I moved to Black as it fitted in with my macros. I enjoyed vanilla immediately and after a little while I began to enjoy the chocolate also. Last month I bought White vanilla and mint chocolate again just to have a bit of variety as the taste is different. I have never got on with any flavour boosts but that doesn’t matter as I enjoy the flavours as they are.
When I had White again it was like a taste sensation, it just tasted so damn good even better then I had remembered so even though I like Black and I slightly prefer the macros I’m going back to White full time.
200ml Alpro almond milk, 200ml of water and left overnight in the fridge gives me stuff that dreams are made of.
I’d like to try banana but something is niggling me and preventing my purchase. Next order I think I will just need to go for it!!

@Talort I’m not dissing Black so no need for us to have a dust up in the car park of Huel headquarters :blush:

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