Blendjet 2 and Huel

Hello everyone!
I was thinking about buying a blendjet 2 to use for Huel. However, Huel recommend 500ml of water with 2 scoops but that is something the blendjet 2 doesn’t have the capacity for. So I was wondering, you who have the blendjet 2 and use huel with it, how do you do?

I’ve never used a Blendjet Daniel but have had poor experiences with other USB powered blenders. As you say - they do not have the capacity in the jug to make a full shake and I have found the power is insufficient compared with standard blenders. powdered foods can also blunt blades in blenders so you need to start off strong with both power capability and strength of blades.

Blender jugs also have two capacities - their total volume capacity and their effective capacity. some manufacturers will tell you what the effective capacity is - most don’t. this is basically the volume the blender can fully do its job and while it varies depending on the power and blade construction its typically 75% or less of the total volume capacity.

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