Bloated feeling and excessive stool experiences

This is a pretty good summary of why it’s important to get enough water (ignore the marketing!).
You’ll see it also explains why not having enough water can cause constipation.

Yes a good read. I cant believe I was alive before! Only a few months ago i actually started drinking water/fluids separately from my normal diet!

Hi @Chrissygrinz

500ml is not a lot, even if this is in addition to the water you use to make your Huel. Think about fibre being like a sponge: if you don’t make a sponge wet, it’s harder and less pliable. You wet a sponge and it moves through a tube a lot more easily.

Drink plenty of fluid and this will help.


Thank you yes, I now have my Huel, then fill it will water and have that so having at least 1000ml. I have another 500ml water with my evening meal.

Doesn’t stop my regular toilet visits which I’m not used too!! Think that’s why I stopped drinking water, I plan it so I drink when I’m have toilets nearby!

I think it’s important to gradually introduce Huel to your diet. It may have a lot more fiber than you are used to.

Yes I think I went into it too fast, I have reduced my huel intake and increased my water intake and has got better but is a slow process.

Sounds a little like the issues I had I started on white then switched to black. God the farts where dreadful and scary to say the least going to the loo change fro once a day would come out nice and clean then to god forbid I fart in case I have an accident. That is what it was like for me taking black after in launched, I’ve had to stop taking huel for the time being. But may give it ago again. I did find some weight loss then gain, I was doing 2x huel 1 meal and snack. Bread would mess me up on huel.

I think persistence pays off, I’ve change the strength of my huel so one and half scoops in each and each day seems better already and I have lost weight this week