Blue Latex in Huel?

I realise there is a similar topic somewhere on the board, but I wanted to make sure this was seen and replied to. Found a piece of, what appears to be, blue Latex in my Huel. Well, technically I found it in my mouth :confused: Any ideas where it may have been introduced? Should I worry? And, most importantly, am I going to die?!

If that is it sitting on your tongue…then you are probably already dead.


Look like a piece of blue latex glove used by food handlers.

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I’m assuming you didn’t use a blender? Because if you did, the rest of the glove is now in your stomach :smiley:

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Haha, I did, unfortunately. Ran it through a sieve for damage control, no further glove found :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi MIchael

Sorry to hear this. I have passed this on to the team who will investigate and respond next week.

If it’s latex, you would likely just shit it out.

But it’s probably not latex, and is likely nitrile rubber instead, but you would probably just poop that out too. I would assume it would be non-standard practise to use latex in the food industry since many people are allergic to it. That’s just a guess on my part though.

Props to the Huel folk for not hiding this thread BTW. A lot of companies would just hide this sort of thing and then wonder why it came to bite them in the rear end later.

I also thought it unlikely to be latex, same reasoning, but didn’t know the other names for ‘stretchy material stuff’ :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, I didn’t expect any sort of special treatment over this, was just pointing it out to Huel so they could check it out, but they have dealt with it really professionally. Props to you, Huel! @JamesCollier @TimOfficeHuel (I hope you are the same Tim that I had the email conversation with, but, even if not, rejoice in the praise)

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That’s me, Michael!

For anyone else reading, this was an isolated incident and since introducing a finer grade sieve at our production facility many months ago this has been the only report. We are confident it was a one off incident but will continue to be vigilant.