Blueberries in Huel and progress so far

So I bought some blueberries today thinking to add them to my Vanilla Huel. Any recommendations on how much, I currently mix up a 400g gram bath to sip throughout the day.

And if anyone remembers me I was having trouble getting into it I’m now on my 4th day of 1600calories of huel with a small amount of other food to supplement. I’m surprised I have good energy levels considering I’m a plasterer but they are holding, and no appetite problems, if anything I’m often still sipping come night time.

And I’m just off to bulkpowders as I need Whey and Cassein protein, incidentally their toffee popcorn flavour makes Huel taste awesome.

In order to train and not lose muscle mass and maybe even gain a little lean muscle on a calorie deficit I need a minimum of 1g of protein per pound of fat, that is 250g of protein a day…phew

Tried Huel Vanilla with Blueberries once. Didn’t like cause the vanilla taste was too intense, so the blueberries were useless. I just ordered some pouches of the unflavored Huel and will test it with the blueberries again in a few days. Hope that this will taste better :grin:

I also ordered Goji berries but they taste like raisins or currants and the NHS website basically said “meh” about them:smile:

I haven’t tried blueberries in my Huel, most love it. However, I don’t think that blueberries have much of a powerful taste even if they make Huel an epic colour! Perhaps try some more powerful tasting berries like strawberries etc. I too feel that goji berries are a little bit of a gimmick, although nutritious, but not any more or less nutritious than others dried fruit like you say.

I tried blueberries in Huel a while back and it was pretty good. As Tim says, blueberries don’t have a strong flavour, though.

I tipped a whole punnet of them into the blender. I can’t quite remember how much Huel it was with, though. I would say to add them quite liberally, though. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?

The main problem I had with blueberries and why I haven’t used them since is when you blend in a decent amount with huel it has far too much sediment and was an effort to guzzle.
I stick to strawberries and/or banana mainly now.

So I’m sipping the remnants of the 1600 calories now, I didn’t put enough in I think but what I did put in must of taken an edge off the Huel, a bitterness somewhere because today has been way more enjoyable than any other day I’ve had it.

Huge improvement.