Blueberry Biscuits

Hello :slight_smile:
I had a go last night and tried some biscuits/cookies.
I picked up the recipe somewhere on this forum but unfortunately cannot find it anymore, for following biscuits I changed the recipe a little though.

4 spoons Huel vanilla
1 egg
2 teaspoons butter
soya milk
1 tsp baking powder


I put them into the oven at 180 degrees until they were done (to my preferences) :slight_smile:

The cookies taste great and the blueberries work so well in the rest of the recipe :slight_smile:
The only annoying thing was making the cookies since the dough ust stuck to my fingers and hands soooo badly. But it’s worth it!

Have a good day and let me know if you tried it!
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Great work! Love a good bake, so pleased this one went well! We have a few other recipes on our baking page, check them out!