Body Recomp

Love Huel. Favourite flavour is Black salted caramel. Can’t get enough of it! But I’m not posting to talk about my favourite flavour. I was wondering if anyone had recomped with Huel and if so are you happy to share your diet and training plan. Thanks :grinning::muscle:t4:
PS I’m a 5ft4in female currently 54kg and 16.4% body fat

Huel black has a pretty good macro split for cutting. You sound a bit underweight, so I’d recommend bulking to 56-58 kgs first though, at 18%bf and then cut. You’re not going to see definition if you don’t have much muscle to begin with.

In terms of a training plan, can’t go wrong with compounds: squats, ohp, deadlifts - combined with some accessories (Bulgarian split squats, leg extensions, hip thrusts)

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Ok thanks. That’s super helpful and really interesting. Didn’t consider myself underweight and thought you could recomposition at any weight. Good to know. Thanks :+1: