What can i say? from 75kg to 80kg

So i cut my calories down drastically and made Huel my main meal, however from 75kg i gone up to 80 kg but i have not gained fat, i gained muscles, yes as i work in a industry that requires me to be very physical, from lifting to pulling and etc.

So by working in a busy industry with absolute physical requirements and working out at home, i managed to strip my belly fat and improved my muscles around chest, shoulders and legs. I started doing 100 squats, 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, 100 pull ups and 50 50 arm curls.

if i go 100% Huel i may end up losing lot of weight and become built but mom wont trust Huel. :smile:

Ordered a bigger batch this time.

if my grammar is absolutely appalling, do tell me, English is not my first language, i do respect it and try my best to speak and write with it.

Thank you

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Well done. You might want to try heavier weights though, you’ll see more improvement from low reps and sets with heavier weights than you will doing 100 with low weights.

Great progress :slight_smile: