Going 100% - See how I get on!

Over the past year I’ve put on a over a stone and weighing in at 16st 12lb. Being 6’ 5" mean I carry it fairly well but according to my BMI idea weight need to be 15st 2lb. Working harder than I’ve done through lockdown has also left me with lack of motivation and loss of mojo! I think it stops here!!!

Most Januarys I get back into the swing of things as get out on my bike and get near to the 16st stone mark, however although relatively fit, carrying the kilos and going cycling with mates means I always struggle disproportionately on the hills.

In the past 10 weeks I’ve been laid up with a bad back for 4 weeks and more recently broke my toe meaning I’ve been unable to do the exercise to get anywhere near bike fit.

As such, I’ve decided to kick start by losing weight and significantly cut my calorie intake to 1200 per day (for starters) and go with Huel 3 times a day. After going with it twice a day a couple of years ago, I must say now it is much easier with the Hot and Savoury range. I’m aiming to shed a stone in 2-3 weeks - probably not text book but given max guideance is usually cut 1000 cal a day to lose 2lb of fat a week. I’m also going to keep an eye on muscle mass to ensure I dont start wasting muscle.

2 days in an already lost 4lb, 2lb each day on accurate scales - again, I know you shouldnt weigh yourself every day.

Any thought, advice, support welcome - I’ll keep you posted. Biggest hurdle will be swerving the weekend beers, however given lockdown, there has never been a better time to do it!

Sorry just joined the forum to comment :wink:
I really can’t offer any advice on your journey but I too am currently on the same journey.

I’ve been drinking Huel since July last year, normally just for lunch at work but sometimes breakfast.

I’ve been on 100% black Huel for 5 days now and am not finding it too difficult. I like the flavour of huel and it does fill me up. Like you I am drinking 3, 2 scoop huels a day and can honestly say so far I have stuck to it.

I too started my 100% Huel journey as my daughter is now 18 months and I don’t want to be a “fat dad” I’m 12st 9lb when I weighted myself on Saturday and I have yet to weigh myself since. Like you I want to lose a few stone. I am 5f 6in and would like to be about 10st 6ish. Me and my wife agreed to try this for a month and see what happens. She is being very supportive which is great.

I wish you all the best and please do keep me updated on how you do.


Nice one Lee! Likewise, keep me posted on how you get on! Just me doing it in the house and still cooking meals for the wife and 3 kids. What I love about Huel is it black and white as what to eat! Good luck!


How is it all going? I’ve given up on trying to get taller and am on a similar journey now to reducing tonnage. Not going 100% but 5 days out of 7.