Bodybuilding and Huel


After a few days, my energy decreased way too much while sleeping the same.
I am at 12 scoops per day with one real meal.
Let’s see if it’s temporary (could have other causes : temperature dropped, winter starts, maybe immune system fighting something…) as a good scientist, I never make conclusions too fast :wink:


Hi @ray.boutine

Yes, I’m not training on full blast at the mo, so I’m not following my regimen.

People have been having some great experiences. If you have a spare half hour, read these two threads:


Hi @JamesCollier
I have read the first link to muscletalk, i also see that you are the cofounder of that well know forum, its convincing me that i did a good choice with HUEL. Do you have other links of user who tried to HUEL in a BB / LIFT environment ? unfortunately, the guy on the link didnt finish the test …


I’m intermittent fasting right now, about 600 calories at 3pm and 1500 by 11pm, trying to maintain muscle and get lean. I have been using huel just to fill in the last 500 calories because that final meal can be a bit of a challenge. I have been doing it for about a week so I’ll try and update as I hopefully start seeing results. People are telling me I’m looking leaner, but I just hope I’m not losing muscle at the same time…
Some gym people are seriously judgmental about me using Huel. But I saw someone wearing a huel t-shirt doing squats and i felt better haha


Hi! I hope to get this question answered. I’m working with a trainer and I’m new to the gym. Currently, this is what I am supposed to be eating:

Breakfast- I cup oatmeal and 50g protein shake
Meal 2: 1 cup brown rice with 8ounce chicken + veggie
Meal 3: 1 cup brown rice with 8oz flank steak + veggie
Meal 4: 1cup Red potatoes and 8oz cod + veggie
Meal 5: 1 cup yams with 8 ounce grilled chicken + veggie
Meal 6: 50g protein shake

Due to my schedule, I work long shifts at the hospital, I am unable to eat the oatmeal from meal 1, and usually cannot eat meal 2 and meal 4. Which means, I’m not having enough protein and carbs.

So basically, if I replace 3 of the above meals with Huel, will I be getting similar macro intake? I’ve asked my trainer but she says no but I think it’s bevause she wants me to continue buying my protein from her- which I will, LOL, but I need a solution for the meals I am unable to eat.

Also, I am working out about 5 days a week and my main goal is to build muscle. Please let me know!


Hi @Newbie - I take it you’re from the US

The macro ratios will be a little different, but they’ll be adequate for your needs and, if it’s a concern still, you could always alter your other meals a little. Or, you could ‘hack’ your Huel by adding some additional protein (bought from her :wink: ) to your Huel shake.


We answered this on another thread and you completely ignored it…


What do you find the best way to calculate macro’s?

I calculated it based on this.
Protein max 1,6g/kg
Fat 0,8g/kg
Carbs, the remaining to fill your callorie budget.

Thanks for the great product and support.


Hi @Huel

There is no right or wrong way to calculate macros for bodybuilding as there are so many variables. Simply eat high protein, high low GI carb foods with a good amount of sources of essential fats and fibre.