Brand new to Huel - it tastes vile!

I’ve was really worried seeing people not just saying they didnt like it but that its vile! So was really dubious to order. I normally have vegan protein powders (soya/hemp/pea) and some are nicer than other but none have ever offended me that much… so the comments on this made me really worried… I shouldnt have worried! Just tried my first one… vanilla original and its beautiful!! I added a trial pack of the ‘mocha’ flavouring and that wasn’t for me. Will try all the other flavours but just plain is so tasty… hard not to instantly make another one straight away! haha! SO yeah find it really strange some people hate it so much. Maybe it is people who normally have dairy protein shakes??


Haha, yes I was used to vegan protein powders: hemp, pea, rice etc. so by contrast Huel was much nicer on my first try, although the refrigeration overnight trick certainly helps. The Vega Wild berry protein powder was the worst ever, although Good Hemp strawberry was a close second…

Oddly, since consuming Huel and other powdered vegan products I no longer like whey protein.

I guess once you are used to something it’s hard to switch. I used to love whey products, but now they just give me a sickly feeling and I don’t want to finish a shake once I’ve started it.

Hi James, so sorry to hear that Huel made you sick. Could you be a little more specific? Was it a knee-jerk sort of thing because it shocked you, or did it make you ill later on in the day?

@mrjeynes For some, Huel is quite an acquired taste but I know you’ll find the best way! Probably the biggest thread about flavours is here.

Tons of great advice from the Community!

@jay_kay Really pleased you’re loving your Huel, let us know which flavour is your favourite!

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Hi Tim,

Yes of course I am very happy to feed back to you my experience.

First of all let me say that I was really wanting this to work for me. I was so excited about it in fact and had been considering joining up for a while now. Also, I think the product is great and I do understand that this is about my reaction and not your product.

So, I made the shake Vanilla (GF) as directed. For me the sweetening agent was simply overpowering. It lasted for the rest of the entire day and I also felt extremely dehydrated after the shake. It was a real struggle to drink it.

After a short while I began to feel bloated and slight stomach cramps. It was bearable but still a discomfort. The I began to get a migraine headache. Now this could be coincidence as I do suffer with migraine. After the migraine started all I could taste was the sweetener from the shake, plus the stomach grumblings and then I felt very sick and uncomfortable. Lots of retching down the loo until eventually…

So, I’m not sure if it was a migraine or a reaction to the product but I do know that the taste alone was really horrid. I don’t mind bad tasting things when it comes to health such as wheat grass etc. I’m usually able to focus upon the benefits of such things but this was too much for me and it lasted hours. I did try to prepare one last night for the morning and refrigerate it to see if this worked but unfortunately just the thought of drinking the shake this morning was out of the question.

So, sadly it hasn’t worked for me but it was worth a try.



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Hey Julian,

I think it would be a great idea if you guys did a sample pack, would you consider doing this? I spent nearly £50 and unfortunately I don’t like it at all so it would have been great to trial it first.


I totally agree with James. During and after the shake, all I could taste was this awful, overbearing, artificial sweetness that just made me feel ill. I felt a little shaky after the shake and I also got a headache.

It’s shame as I was looking forward to getting on with Huel. It would be great if Huel offered a sample pack before buying.


Actually I find that the taste improves a lot after a night in the fridge. I really mean a lot.

Yep, that’s the way to do it.

I think you have a typo there:

  • teaspoon of coffee granules (not* optional) :wink: