Breastfeeding on Huel - HELP!?

My sister is currently breastfeeding a 5 month old baby and due to get married in 3 weeks. She is still carrying some extra weight and would like to shift a bit before the wedding. She started talking about “crash dieting” so as a healthier alternative I’ve pointed her toward the Huel and she loves it! She has swapped out breakfast and lunch with huel and it’s keeping her satisfied until dinner. I did some reading up about the safety of it whilst breast feeding and we decided that it must be safer than cake and sugar laden foods that she was reaching for to get her through the day…however; 3 days in and she having an increased amount of wind (I’m guessing from the fibre content that her body probably hasn’t been used to) which isn’t a problem for her but her baby is suffering with a lot of wind too…and trapped wind making him uncomfortable.

PLEASE can someone get back to me with some advice? I’ve said maybe to just replace 1 meal a day this week while her body adjusts and then move back to 2 next week? Any other ideas? It’s the first thing she’s tried that she feels she can stick to while she’s still so sleep deprived and looking after a toddler too!! :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Hi @Helin86

Some people do have issues with wind while their gut adapts. How many scoops is she having per meal?

What sort of thing is she having for her evening meal? Has she changed the sort of thing she’s eating then with her new lifestyle?

Hi James,

Thanks for replying. She is having 3 scoops for breakfast and 3 scoops for lunch. She’s having a healthy dinner i.e: fish and lots of veg and small portion of carbs (rice or sweet potato or similar) so a fairly big change as she was eating a lot of sugary stuff beforehand.

I’ve advised her to just have it for breakfast this week and reintroduce it for lunch at the weekend? Is this sensible?



Helen Adams

Hi Helen

I think she should adjust something every few days. Please advise her to start with this:

3 scoops for one meal, plus regular good quality food for the other two meals. For 3 days.

If symptoms subside, then add another scoop of Huel every 2-3 days as tolerated until she’s up to the 6 scoops. She’ll reduce the food in line with this.

She should settle with this, but any queries, please let me know.

Hi Helin86,

How did your sister get on with it the adjustment? I’m also breastfeeding my 9 week old baby and I’m worried how the wind issue would effect her.

Hope it’s worked for her!

Sorry for the delayed response…the adjustment worked fine, I think it was just a matter of her not having a great diet beforehand and then I troducingso mych fibre in one go but after following the adjustment instructions she was fine. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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