Bundles, not quite there!

Not sure why you can order a single Complete Protein Bar on the bundle yet its not available to add as a single! also if you want a T-Shirt you also can’t add it to an existing order as a one off you have to either buy it separately or add in a minimum order of food (or add more clothes, accessories etc).

I hope you add an option to have a minimum spend rather than minimum orders of items, for example if I wanted to order outside of my current subscriptions I would order a T-Shirt, 1 box of A-Z vitamins and a couple of complete bars to try which would make the spend around £40 - £45 instead of the current option which would be a T-Shirt and minimum 2 boxes of A-Z drinks.

Or just let us add the T-Shirt as an extra one off to a current order.

The bars are being discontinued. They’re only available to order now on the outlet, so once they are gone that’ll be it. Still no news on the replacement however. Come on @Charlotte_Huel when can we expect an announcement!

You can, you just have to scroll to the singles tab. it might depend on availability by the market currently as we’re in the process of delisting bars.

BYOB is for food/drinks only as they are subscribable (you probably wouldn’t want a monthly t-shirt) However you can still add t-shirts and other merch as a one-off through the accessories tab in the main navigation, or by viewing all products.

BYOB is built to create food/drinks bundles as those are products users can subscribe to. If you had reached the spend threshold with a tshirt in your first order (aside from the fact customers get a free tshirt with their first order already!) and then conceivably didn’t want to receive one in your next order then that would bring you below the threshold.

Thank you for the feedback on this, The option to add a t-shirt to your next subscription order is currently being added to the account cross-sell area, so you will be able to do this in the near future!

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The Complete Protein Bars? Never got a chance to try them

Yes, this is for all bars, however as coup said we are releasing an exciting product to replace them soon! @Coup I’m afraid I don’t have an update at this moment, but I’ll ask around today and see if there’s a timeframe I can share with you!

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It needs to be soon, there’s only two flavours of bar left to order! People will start looking elsewhere.

Not me though, I have about 9 boxes in stock :stuck_out_tongue: